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The Angels

Angels are as close to the Devine as we can get. Infact angels belong to all mankind, not to any particular religion. They can serve us as agents for personal growth and spiritual evolution. All you need to do is allow the angels space in your life to creat the spiritual context in which to develop a capacity to love and to be loved.

Angels can have an active place in our lives because we need them to help us in our relationship to the source. As well, they give us protection and guidance and they can help us fulfil our creative potential by making our way easy and smooth. They help by removing obstacles to our well-being and happiness. The angels offer us the opportunity to love our selves. They bring us to the very essence of our lives by teaching us that when we love ourselves we follow our highest truth. They help us to mature into responsible and loving people who can live from a place of serenity and peace. They assist us in finding who we really are in the depths of our being, as well as how to live as creative, whole people. Nearly all modern literature on angels offers us this perspective, illuminating the essence of what angels have to share with us in our ordinary, everyday lives.

There are three levels of Heaven: The Heaven of Form, Which contains the protection and love of the Archangels. Our personal Guardian Angels and the Angel Princes who rule over specific geographical locations also inhabit this realm.

The Heaven of Creation, which contains the tender and merciful energies of the Powers, Virtues and Dominions. These are the angels who directly affect the spiritual nature of human relationships. They offer us such qualities as peace, serenity, and harmony. They also help us to accept reconciliation and mercy in our lives and they aid us in finding forgiveness in our hearts.

Heaven of Paradise holds the glorious and powerful energies of the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. These are the angels of love, wisdom and glory.

The hierarchy of Heaven is defined by the degree of love and awareness within each realm. Just as we evolve spiritually on the earth plane, so angels also evolve from one level to another, expanding their consciousness and love. They come closer to the Source through love and charity. Acting as God's messengers, they bring the universal light of love into the consciousness of all beings. they serve the Source by helping us evolve into worthy beings; creatures of light and love.