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Dreams, everything and everyone in your dream is PART OF YOU, from the shadow in the corner to the flowers in the background to the paper on which a letter is written. Take the time to discover what each symbol means and you'll discover a lot about yourself.

Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is a phase of shallow sleep that occurs several times a night. It is so called because our eyes flicker rapidly during this time... Ironically we dream most vividly during REM phases of sleep yet our muscles are paralysed at these times. This may explain why we often dream of being UNABLE to RUN AWAY from a frightening pursuer.

Some dream theories suggest that not everyone dreams in COLOUR that only those who are particularly colour-perceptive in their waking lives are likely to do so. The next time you dream, try to remember whether your dream was in colour. Note any stricking colours and analyse them seperately, as they will be giving you a new message.

To help you remember and understand your dreams, keep a DREAM DIARY beside your bed. As soon as you wake up , write everything you remember about your dream especially your feelings....

To help you begin your dream diary try this simple 5-STEP PROCESS:

:1, Record your dream.

2, Explain your dream.

3, Note your feelings.

4, Note previous day's events.

5, Summarise what you think your dream is about.

Dreams help us to resolve problems, face fears and indulge passions. Therefore it is no coincidence that your dreams almost always feature people, places and situatons about which you have STRONG FEELINGS.

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