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Pouncival Shrine

Welcome one, welcome all!!! Welcome to the shrine, dedicated to Pouncival. Below are a number of places for you to go. Enjoy your stay! (and by the way, you might want to turn on your speakers... hehe)

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You are the Pouncival fan to visit our shrine dedicated to the cutest Jellicle of them all! :)

Done visitng our shrine? *sad* You're gonna leave already? Well, okay, but you have to do the Ritual of Respect. As you leave, bow to the Pouncival picture at the top of the page and say, "I'm leaving now, you silly old clown. But I'll be back soon, so don't you frown. May the Everlasting Cat smile upon you always!" And then when you're ready to leave, click here to get back to our homepage. Good bye, hope you enjoyed our shrine!


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