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Pictures of Me and My Friends


The party before I moved...

Sadly a lot of my pix got ruined...

Me Ellen and Alison


My twin Jason and Me..


Jd and Me


Me and Jessie being our evil selves...hahaha!


Me and Myranda


Me and Rory


Me and Rosie


Sara and Me


Me Matina and Scott with my lovely Gluten-Free cookies Mant loves so much..


Me and Henry very cracked out trying to pack..


Sarah and Me


Me and Cory


Me and Cory trying to set my nipple on fire...


Homecoming pix that acutally turned out..


Katie and Me


Collen and Me




Me and Scott


Some other random pix that I took while I was back home..


Chris and Jessie


My mommie (Meghan) and Jackie




Jackie and Me


Troy Jobeth and Scott at Kimball..

I got to go for lunch.. it was fun... until I got kicked out..


Me swinging on the swing in my neighbors backyard, its hard to see..

but you can see what I get to look at every morning its soo pretty..


There's Marvin swimming in the river that's in my backyard..


Just a random Picture of Me

Charlie my imaginary friend. He's really real tho. I promise!

A LOT! of my pix got ruined :( hopefully I'll get more soon, send me all your pictures..

More Pix of my friends

My California pix!