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Mandie's Home

Hi, I'm Mandie. We are all here today for some kind of reason, I like to pet goldfish. Some people like to read walls. We all have our own personalities in someway no matter how fake or a poser someone is, they are themselves deep down. You never know how much words can hurt someone until its to late. We as people don't think things through and don't take the time to look after one another and help each other out. We look at strangers and make fun of them, but really we know nothing about who they are. Inside they could be wonderful people but because of our stupidly we will never get to know them and we miss out on meeting some of the coolest people in the world, but I guess that's our loss. To be "cool" we do things that we don't wanna do. You should be your own person and stand up for what you believe in or you will never get where you wanna be in life. People are so blind they see only what they want to see but they want the world to be a better place. To do that we need to change our ways and to open our eyes and take off the mask that we all wear. There are to many sad people. I wish everyone could find happiness and peace with themselves.

Somebody can see you!

Well guess what, I am here to tell you a serect.......

"Your pants are on backwards!"

This is My house

But its not your house

Because it's my house

and i dont love you!

So go find your house

and leave my house

and dont come back

cuz i dont love you!


C is for Cookie thats good enough for me!



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