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California Pix!


Rosie Me and Jackie at the airport before we leave

Jackie Me and Rosie getting on the plane to go

Rosie Me and Jackie on the airplane

The Golden Gate Bridge

Rosie over looking the bridge

Another pix of the bridge and ocean

The ocean and some grass, its sooo pretty there!!

The sunset over the ocean, it melts right into the water

Rosie and Jackie making funny faces, to cute

Jackie and Me in this really cool looking tree

Rosie Me and Jackie at the Castro with the Gay Pride Flag behind us

Me and Rosie on the street with Castro in the sidewalk

The Gay Pride Flags at every concer

Jackie and Me walked up all the stairs thinking there was the park on top, no luck it was a street but we didn't tell Rosie until she got to the top

Me on top of a hill with the streets of California behind me

Me and Jackie at Haight and Ashberry

Me and Rosie entertaining ourselves in the car

The ocean, I went swimming in that in Jan!!

Me and Jackie's names and hand prints

Me Jackie and Rosie

Rosie after "swimming" and making her dreads all special!

Me and Jackie in front of some really beautiful flowers

The ocean a couple blocks from our hotel

The lights are on the side of the road, it took us awhile to realize that, I wonder how many red lights we went through