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Why me?

I hear the door slam

Feet stomping on the wooden floor

I know he’s home

All the sunshines are gone now.

The horror starts to begin

First it was a yell

Then it was a scream

Next came his fist

Last the blood and tears

Every days the same

He will never leave

He’s always in my face

Showing me how stupid I am

How worthless

And forgotten I will be.

Mommie why does this happen to me?

Isn't the world suppose to be a good place

How come I can’t see the good?

Only rainy days stand over me

When will it be my turn?

To show him whose boss

To give him what he gets

When he makes me feel so low

Lower than any person shall feel

I watch him laugh at my pain

When do I get to laugh at his?

Mommie where is the justices

Why I am I the only one suffering

Why won’t anyone help me?

I’m just a little kid

There are no rainbows in my life

No laugher

No fun

My life is full of tears

Pain and heartaches

When will this end

Why won't he leave?

But most of all


Why me?