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You are all probably wondering what toothpicks mean, yeah that's what I thought. Toothpicks is just another word out there in this world. But here you will find some rather different things. Maybe a story or two for ya, I dunno. I haven't quiet figured out what the meaning of toothpicks is yet. But I am gonna make a boat outta toothpicks so we can go fishing and Ellen is coming with me on my wonderful boat of toothpicks. :)

That is a line down there, just thought I would tell ya that...

This really is Mandie over here.. Sometimes I wondering if I am really going crazy, its kinda a weird thing. Life is really messed up but I guess that's just how life is and you just gotta learn to deal with it. But sometimes it does get hard and that's when you need friends and people that care about you to get through it.

But hey look at me. I'm no bird or air plane, I'm just one little lonely old frog..

Yup that's little ol' me!

When your the best of friends, having so much fun together, your not even aware your such a funny pare, your the best of friends, lives a happy game, you can clown around forever, neither one of you sees your nature boundaries, lives one happy game, if only the world wouldn't get in the way, if only people would just let you play, they'll say your both being fools, your braking all the rules, they can't understand the magic of your wonder land, when your the best of friends, sharing all that you've discover, when theses moments have past, will their friendships last, who cant say there's away, oh I hope, hope it never ends, cuz your the best of friends.

Copper your my very best friend. And your mine too tod and we will always be freinds forever. Won't we? Yeah, forever..


Josh Waldecker Another Night Long brown Hair(Green) Oh God! Delirious Sleep Lose

Ok I don't know what I'm talking about anymore and it's 6 am and need go to bed now.. yeah.. I'll finish this lataz. i love you though hunnie!!

Your my Bestest Friend in the whole wide world!!