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Some things I think



I think people shouldn't be judge because of how they look or what they wear. Everyone inside is special in their own way and from the outside you can't see in, so you really don't know that person at all. When someone falls we laugh, when we see someone with a big nose, we laugh and make fun of them, we don't think of them as a person but just as an object. When was the last time you laughed at someone or made fun of them and then sat down to think of them as a real person with feelings and that they are just like you.

I don't like how labels are put on people. I mean there's preps because of how they are dressed and everything thinks they are mean and stuck up. There the geeks that are really smart and no one likes them cuz of how smart they are. Is it a sin to be smart? Then the freaks that everyone thinks are all crazy just because they express themselves differently. There's the druggie's that everyone thinks of as people that will never get anywhere in life. People make things up before they know if its true or not but they don't stick around long enough to see if they are right. I mean look when teenagers go into store everyone thinks we are going to steal.

Because of what your wearing and how you look you are treated differently.

If I walked around with a shoe on my head singing baa baa black sheep, people will just think I'm crazy and to stay away from me and not talk to me, but do they know why I'm doing that? Nope and I doubt they even care.

We wear masks to cover us the real us and to make people like us better. We do what everyone else is doing. If everyone started to wear sun glasses then most like you will to. I mean no matter what, we all do copy off of each other and the people that hate when people copy off them well I'm sorry to say but they are copying off of other people to. There is no way to get around it. If someone comes up with something new theres someone out there that's gonna like it and wanna do it to. I just think if you like something or wanna do something then do it. Don't like other people's words keep you from having fun. cuz not everyone out there is gonna like what you do.

We are all people. We all think, eat, walk and talk, everyone is human, we aren't perfect and we are going mess things up and make mistakes but if we don't learn from what we do wrong then we will keep making the same mistakes.

We should treat people like we want to be treated.