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As the tears flow down my cheek

I let myself go to into a deep sleep

Before anything can get any worse

I feel like I'm under some kind of curse

Theses nights just seem to keep on coming

My hold body starts a stage of numbing

Will the tears ever end

Will my problems will ever be mend

Will I ever be able to smile

Happiness is what I file

I wish I could turn inviable

I wish everyone would fade away

To never see anyone at the end of the day

But most of all I wish I could just fade away into the mist

I would never have to see your fist

I'm searching for happiness

For one little kiss

Or a smile or two

What will I have to do

As I sit and wait

I start to lose faith

Tomorrow will be a new day

And new search for a new way

And a new set of tears

A new set of fears

What's there to look forward to

What eles is there to do

But the hope of a smile that I will always hold on to...