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Mrs. Snow

She sits right next to me

head to far up her ass for anyone to see

please shut up and leave everyone alone

oh god you just make me wish i was stoned

why you each i don't know

try teaching in the north pole out in the snow

i hate you so much my dear

does my voice get shallow or can you not hear

please shut up and leave us alone

your ugliness just makes me want to moan

the way you dress dear god

i would rather wear sod

and the make-up makes me want to slap you

take one tip from me a teacher is not what you want to be

we hate you more than a book itself

why don't you go try to turn yourself into an elf

we would all be so glad

hearing your name just makes me sad

hey better yet it makes me sick

so why not go suck your own...


Some of you know the story behind this poem, it's acutally kinda funny.. Maybe one day I will tell it to ya. :) But can't you tell she is my most favorite teacher.. me and her we are BEST friends... hehe..