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Cheesecake Survey!

Done By Mandie..

The purpose of this survey is to collect information from you about something. What that something is, I haven't got a clue yet.. It will come to me as I go along... Have fun..!!

This survey is divided into the following sections:

Fill out the information in each section as requested. Then at the end of the form supply your name and contact information, and submit the form. You will receive a confirmation message from us shortly.

SECTION A -- WaterMellon

All you need to do is follow what it says, and then stand on your head and scream your Abc's from the top of your lungs, while you wait for the goats to come back in from the sea.. It's not that hard if you try..

  1. What is your favorite Bathtime Toy ?

  2. How many time a day do you wash your toes ?

    None 1-5 hours 5-10 hours 10-20 hours More than 20 hours

  3. Do you understand what that man is saying ?

    Nope, not at all Kinda I wish I could Yes, very well What man??

  4. Do you Love me?

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SECTION B -- Tooth Paste

These are the instructions for filling out this section. Listen carefully cuz you might just heard the whistle blowing.. Baaaa! I'm a sheep!

  1. How would you rate this survey ?

    Bad Poor Fair Good Excellent

  2. What is your favorite color ?

  3. Select the subject areas you are most interested in:

    Having a pet goat
    Counting Jelly Beans
    Going to Mars
    Flying with the monkeys
    Reading upside down books

  4. What's better Penguins or Giraffes ?

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SECTION C -- A Mouse?

The instructions to how the brain works... Look for 3 mittens, turn them inside out and stomp on them until there is a little message that comes floating to the air and will tell you all you need to know to turn on the Super Pretzel.

  1. Which of theses products do you currently own ?
    Spoon      Fresh PaintWild Card   Light Switch
    Tooth brush1 Foot     The letter BA Nose
    Cheesecake Smile      Box         Pet Rock
  2. How many toes do you have ?
  3. Please Write whatever you want to send to me:
  4. Select a month from the following list, which shows 6 elements at a time:

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Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions to my survey.

I will now take this information and glue it to my forehead. And for being soo nice in helping me heal the water buffalows, I will send you a free Hug, its once size fits all and easy to give back... So perfect...

  1. What is your name ?

  2. What is your e-mail address ?

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