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A Great Friend

When I needed a smile, you told me a joke
I needed a hug, you gave me two
A shoulder to cry on, you were there
You kept my heart beating
and my soul alive
When I needed a place to stay, you showed me your bed
I needed some food, you opened up your kitchen
Help on homework, you were at my side
You kept me going
Showed me kindness
When I needed an ear, you listened
I needed the tears to end, you wiped them away
a good laugh, you cheered me up
You kept me sane
and never left my side
When I needed a great friends, I found you
I needed a sister, you were better
A family, you shared yours
You made me who I am today
You are everything to me and more
You kept the Mandie inside me alive
We've shared dark times and sun shines
Laughs of joy and tears of sorrow
We've shared more than words can speak
Together, united, one in one, hand in hand, we stand
Your the greatest gift I'll ever have
And I thank you for being my best friend.


*~* To Jackie *~*