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You were a person in my life
you were everything to me and more
when the days were glommy
and the streets were all dead ends
you opened the light up to me
and helped me find the path in life
you showed me how to be a person
how to love care and respect
you taught me many leasons in life
but most of all you kept me alive
whenever i needed a hug
a shoulder to cry on
a lift up in life
you were always there
You've changed me
in so many unthink able ways
i can remember all the wonderful times we had together
nights we layed in bed and talked forever
morning we laughed and joked for hours
when it seemed like nothing could pull us apart
when we were together the world seemed wonderful
nothing could ever hurt us
i think of all the laughter, tears, heartache and pain
somehow we always made it out with a smile
and arms hand in hand
a day with you is full of laughter and joy
i feel like your a part of me
i feel i am nothing without you
i never want to lose you
always remember the good old times
in my heart i will always love you
because i have a wonderful friend
thats you