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Crys Unheard


She trys to shoot

No sound comes out

She trys to show she's not alright

Everyones gone, out of sight

All she wanted was to smile

Graving the phone she can not dail

No one there to help this life be saved

Left behind like an old dish rag

She looks ahead to only see dead ends

Her wounds to never be mend

Her only path was to die

No one ever had a chance to say good-bye

She pasted away that day

In her favorite spot right next to the bay

A lot of tears were shread

For a soul that should not be dead

If only people had seen

And hadn't been so mean

This inceint wouldn't have been

And you could still be sitting next to her on the couch in the den

So open your eyes

And reach for the skys

And help someone out

For in the end you won't have to pout.