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All about me

Aren't I so special!

Hi, my name is Mandie. I'm 16, I love people. I like to talk to all kinds of different people; I love to see people's different points of views on things and how different people see things. I look around me and I offend wonder why people do things. I love school; I have so much fun there. I guess that's where I have all my fun; I like doing random things to random people. It can be really funny. Most people just think I'm totally insane. At least I can be who I want to be without caring about what people think of me. My favorite color is purple, which is the color of my hair right now along with many other colors mixed in. I hate the winter. I wish it could snow and be warm outside at the same time. I do snowboard and I still hate the snow. Once I graduate from High School, I want to move to California where it is warm. I love Cheesecake! I have a fasinion with toes and thumbs right now. I think they are fun. I have 20 toes. I HATE red and green. Red and green are ALWAYS next to each other, I bet you can look around the room and find at least 5 things that have red and green next to each other. Blah. My goal in life is to put a flowerpot on my head while wearing a wedding dress and run up and down the streets screaming. I have a pet duck named Marvin. He’s really awesome. He lives in my backyard; I've had him for almost 3 years in March. When we got him he could fit in your hand and would follow me around everywhere I went, now he just follows that dog, but he will still come over to me once and awhile. I love animals. I want to get a pet goat. That would be awesome. When I grow up I'm going to be a reindeer mermaid made out of cheesecake, the Jesus people downtown told me so. I'm also going to the mars and I won't be eaten by the whale's cuz my hairs not blue anymore.

I'm really sick right now and I hate it. I've been sick since sept. last year and it really sucks. But a little while ago I found out why... I have celiac sprue, which I'm allergic to almost all foods. I can't have dairy products, anything with wheat or flour in it. Pretty much all I can eat is rice and corn, all my fruits and vegs. and soy stuff. It's all really really gross and you get sick of it really really quickly. But I got to get used to it cuz I'll be eating like this for the rest of my life. Aren't I so lucky? Then I also just found out that, I have Acid Reflux but something worse than it and I also have something else where all the stuff in my intestines is backing up into my stomach. So everything is going up not down. I've been in a lot of pain the last couple months and can't wait until I get better!

When I grow up I wouldn't mind working in the zoo but I think I want to go into some kind of psychologist for Teenagers. I think that teenagers have it harder than anyone else. And I can tell you life isn't easy. We have to deal with family problems, peer pressure, drugs, sex, school, and many other scary things. I've been trying to get The Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program started in my area. I think it's really good. I've gone through a lotta shit and it wasn't easy and I'm still dealing with a lot of things right now. But I want to give back and try and help other people out. I am recovering from drugs; I've been clean since Jan, 1st 2002. And I'm very proud of myself for it.

If you don't want to get a hangnail turn all your clocks upside down and run up and down the street backyards.

Bob is my father who is married to my best friend Rosie that is going out with Meghan who is my mommie and me and Rosie are going to get engaged and have lots of babies. She's also madly in love with my thumb. I also have a twin named Jason and we have special powers and are going to take over the world, we have the purple light. I have a Siamese twin Jessie we were born at the hip and look like each other, you cant tell the difference between us. My cuzin Ria just had my child and I got to tell her husband that the kid was really mine, he wasn't to happy. My other cuzin Katie has the same last name as me and we are special. I'm happy married to Matina who is going out with my pet duck and her cuzin Bosic is my cuzin in-law. I also have another Wife named Alison and we have a child Penuckles, Alison is also the family pet sheep. Cory and me are also married and we like to have lots and lots of sex. We have a butler named Nick. Jackie’s my twin, we are soul sisters, and JD is my big brother cuz someone told us we look alike and he takes good care of me like a big brother. I've also just gotten married to Lisa... And this is my big loving family. That grows everyday. Sorry if I forgot anyone, too much to remember.

What would you do if one day you came home to find a goat just sitting there on your bed eating your pillow?

I eat feet for dinner!

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