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The Band

Some token facts that everyone knows!

Joe Perry
Born Anthony Joseph Perry, September 10th in Lawrence, MA.
Left Aerosmith in 1979 to form The Joe Perry Project (buy the Greatest Hits album now!)
Married to the very beautiful, VERY lucky Billie!
Joe is also something of an actor - as well as starring in the Wayne's World movies with the rest of the band, he also starred in Homicide:Life on the Street in 1998 in an episode called Brotherly Love!His son, Adrian, is in a band called Dexter, and he joined Aerosmith on stage on the last tour.
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Steven Tyler
Born Steven Victor Tallarico on March 26th in Yonkers (NYC).
Fave food - chicken pot pie. Instruments include harmonica, mandolin and he also played bass on 'Sick as a dog' on the Rocks album!
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Brad Whitford
Born Brad Earnest Whitford on February 23rd in Winchester, MA.
Plays guitar, and his favourite car is said to be a Porsche Turbo. Other projects - Whitford/St.Holmes

Joey Kramer
Born Joseph Micheal Kramer on June 21st in the Bronx. He plays the drums, his most prized possession is a Twin Turbo Porsche and his favourite food is sushi.

Tom Hamilton
Born Thomas William Hamilton on December the 31st in Colorado Springs, CO. His intstrument is the bass guitar and his favourite sport is said to be tennis! His most prized possession is his 1974 Ferrari Dino.

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