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To Our Everlasting Love, Our Buring Passion, and Our Love-Making Souls

Happy Anniversary Love and Late Valentines. Know that I love you more than life could ever bring.

The Beauty Of Love
My Soul worships you in secret, for you would never let me bow my head. My body trembles when you are far, for if you saw me shake it'd break your heart. My tears fall when you are not looking, for you are too busy holding me dear, keeping me safe. I long to speak, but dare not break the silence, you hear what I say. I want to be with you, holding your hand, you give me your spirit to keep me warm. I need to dream but you keep me awake showing me there is no other. I say I can't go on, you keep me up, guiding me through the dark. Holding me, loving me, wraping your love around me, I can never die, you keep my fire burning. Yes, you, my soul, my life, my love.


May our happiness continue to grow as the word "love" means so much that it means nothing compared to what we have. There are no words now to describe how much I feel for you today and every other day. For now I'll have to live with using the small phrases that mean so much in our hearts. I truly love you Timothy with all my heart and soul, with every bit of my essence, more than one could possibly express. I know you feel this, I'm glad, nothing could tell you how much I love you, the only way to know is to feel what we're feeling right now. I love you, I'm always with you, together for eternity, I love you Timothy.

-Yours forever

Everlasting Love

Temp n Po

This page is dedicated to my Soul, Timothy, and to all the love that we have shared throughout eternity. Always and forever, one.

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