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Dragon Heart Manor

-This poem is by my sweet true love. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do feeling the warmth it brings to my heart and soul. With our love and heat this poem is properly titled Devotion and Fire-

Devotion and Fire
A look...just a look.
A taste of something more.
...the heat...
A smile...just a smile.
Everything comes with your smile.
...the fuel...
A gesture...just a gesture.
A welcomming into Heavens warmth.
...the spark...
A smell...just a smell.
A smell of something good and holy.
...the burning...
...sweet burning...
A touch...just a touch...only a touch.
Your Goddess touch.
...the flare...
An embrace...just an embrace.
Your embrace is a gift.
...the consumption...
...oh, God, that great consumption...
And Im yours.
Im gone.

Temp n Po

The land of our dreams
This room will always hold a special place in our hearts. Our Scottish Castle, our fantasies, our future. I love you with all of lifes will Timothy, yours forever. May our souls rest here until we are able to join them. I love you.

This site was originally created by Dragon for Star, a good friend of mine, who so graciously showed it to me and allowed us to make it our own. It was always one of my favorite pages to see so I took the liberty of recreating it. Of course I changed a few things such as the text and banner, but I took the picture from the old page. This was a page welcome to everyone but I always enjoyed the pirvacy of it.
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