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Atv Reviews: Top speeds, Rankings, Durability.....

Ridden & Rated Honda and Polaris ATVs

Here are some pics of part of our fleet.


ActionPICS [***1st]-97' Honda Recon 250: This is a well deserved 1st place. Besides the great value, we got ours for around $3,300, there are many things to brag about with this machine. First of all, it is one of the safest machines, which makes it superb on the trails. It is low to the ground, it is light weight, yet it has enough power and zip to get up almost anything. We were amazed when this sporty little 2x4 went more places easier than our 4x4. It is very well balanced, which makes it easy to make it through even the most difficult trails. Also, it has a sport side, as my photos show. Its lightweight body makes it a pretty good jumper, not to mention one of the best wheelie machines on the market. The only thing wrong, which is not customary of honda at all, is a mechanical problem with the transmission. It seems that the linkage in ours has worn out. This is very unheard of for hondas but we have ridden the tires bald on it. If your looking for a great all-round machine that leans a little to the utility side, with a top speed of around 40-45, the Recon is definently my recommendation. [***2nd-Honda] 300 4x4 It was close between this and the 2x4 version, but since it already has the added weight and dimensions why not go ahead and make it 4x4. It's just a real solid machine, with that honda dependability and bulletproof design.Top speed 40-45, not real smooth at those speeds.For trails, especially mud,creeks, snow, slick hills, and pulling brush and other atvs through the above conditions; this machine is great. [***3rd-Honda 300 2x4] Alot of the same great characteristics as the Recon, but the added weight and size decrease tight turning ability through trails. MOre weight makes it harder to climb hills and float over mud as compared to the Recon. Also, no inline engine to avoid the power wasting right turn in the shaft drive system. It does however pull/tow better than the Recon.Overall a great quad for trails and average on roads with a 50-55 mph top speed. [4th]---Honda 300ex--This quad is alot of fun in most conditions. The reason for the 4th place is because it is not well suited for trails compared to utility models. For any open spaced areas or cleared out trails this wheeler shows its spunk, but in the technical hills and mud trails, the clutch is a nuisance as well as the high first gear. For everyday riding, in snow, light mud, open pasture, or especially a small moto-cross track this is the ideal machine for maximum fun. It is very quick and shifts so smooth, with tight light turning, and capable suspension. It is also well suited for roads with a top speed around 55mph. Excellent for wheelies, and other sport riding, amatuer drag racing and such. If I would not spend so much of my wheelin' time in the deep woods, it would have ranked first. [5th-]--Honda 250x--This machine is the original 300ex also a blast to ride, as my pics show. MOst of the same characteristics except no electric start, and getting old enough to have frequent repair. [6th]----99' Polaris Scrambler 400 4x4--When this machine was brand new, it was a thrill to ride. 400cc two-stroke powerplant all at the push of an automatic thumb throttle with push button 4wd. With a topspeed of 67mph, this quad was great for roads and other open spaces,yet still capable to tackle moderate trails and snow and mud. Though it had a $5,500 price tag it seemed a well rounded quad. Then after 6 months (warranty length) we started having mechanical problems. The auto-transmission belt kept burning up due to an imperfect drive pulley in the transmission. A brand new atv with defective parts! The problem with this machine and all polaris's is they think bigger is better. Well, it's not! Sure they have all the new features and options, but is it practical, on a quad? Even though it has nearly a foot of suspension travel, all the added weight more than counteracts that. In my experience the stripped down models with just enough to get there and back are the best performers and values. The lighter the better, less mechanical devices the better. Also, a big selling point is the tall ground clearance. I don't know about other people but for me the lower the quad is to the ground the safer I feel, therefore I can go more places and achieve greater feats (refer to Recon). I have a 3 to 1 flip ratio. Polaris makes a high maintenance and repair machine. Plus no resale value! (7th)---Honda 200sx 86' Amazingly this little wheeler is alot of fun, and very capable. It is light weight chain drive tight turning trail machine. Very good on tight curvy trails, and hills It's tires cake over in mud and snow and is a little rear heavy in it's overall weight distribution. Bullet proof engine, transmission from honda. Downside 40-45 topspeed, no fron rack and small front bumper, older, skimpy shocks, small front tires. Attractions: electric start, dependable, capable. (8th) 86' HOnda 250R I know alot you think that the 250R's are to die for and it might be if it were in excellent running condition, and you lived right next to a mx track and/or desert dunes. However, I ride mainly on trails and I ride alot in colder weather and wet conditions. This is not the quad for me. High maintenance, huge repair bills, no reliability (2-stroke) except maybe summer time with fresh engine. Kick start, clutch, high first gear, loud exhaust, not an ideal trail quad. Now I'm not saying I didn't have fun on it! I'm mean with a top speed of a little over 70 mph, how could you not have a little fun with it. Mainly a road machine or mx track. It likes wide open spaces, and mechanics. Definitely for duners/racers/jumpers in other words a performance quad. (9th)---- Polaris Sportsman 500 Way too heavy!! Once again I stress the ridiculessness of the full-size quad. This quad weighs about 5 times as much as I do! The Polaris engineers think that bigger is better and more is better when really their product is pathetic. Mechanical problems galore! High tech complicated expensive problems. The more weight to a quad the more weight that must be hauled up a muddy slope, or through a snow drift, and over every little bump n' jump you might come across. This contributes to wear and eventually the quad falls apart. Not metion what it would do to you if you ever flipped it, and believe me if you own a Polaris and you ride often YOU WILL FLIP IT! It is an unsafe machine. Tall off the ground, super top heavy, and apt to roll. This quad did have a nice top speed however right about 60 mph. It's not worth the money, buy a Recon. OR 2!! 0 (10th, 11th)--Polaris 300 Xpress, Polaris trailboss Both pathetic two-wheel drives, super front heavy perfect for flippin' backwards and getting stuck. Alot. xpress has topspeed a little over 45, and trailboss barely pulled 45. I recommend not getting a Polaris of any kind especially not a two-wheel drive. Unless your a granny who likes to cruise around on the roads at slow speeds or across a field or somthing. Oh ya low, low resale values. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, OR INSULTS ABOUT THESE REVIEWS OR THE PICS OR THE WHEELERS OR ANYTHING OUTDOORS RELATED HUNTING FURS ICE HOCKEY FISHING MISSISSIPPI RIVER AREA THEN JUST E-MAIL ME @ Ride on!