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Europe 1997 Pictures

Windmill Surprise, surprise, its in Holland.

Eiffel Tower Paris. Taken near where Diana was killed.

Verona, Italy Crazy bus ride to the hostel. Beware, its a uphill walk to the hostel Watched out for cars in the narrow streets.

Leaning Tower Pisa, Italy. It really leans.

Mt Vesuvius, near Naple, Italy. This is the volcano that buried Pompeii and Herculaneum.


House surrounded by lava Mt Etna, Sicily. Don't worry, the lava had solidified.

Vents on Mt. Etna. Mt Etna is an active volcano.

Me(4th from the right), Michael(far right), and a French family that camped overnight near the crater.

Belvedere, Sicily me on a wall of an old Greek fortress. Across the road from the hostel.

WW2 RAF Monument to those with unknown graves Malta.


Typical Malta country side


Brugge, Belgium.

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