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Welcome !

       Note: This page is in no way finished yet. It has been brought up in a big hurry because of my feelings I wrote about in the Recent update's thought... section. Now the text is moved to the Thoughts Of The Past page, section Being Hurt. It is the reason why you can see this page online this soon. Previously it was not planned to be put up until finished. But don't worry, the page will get better. (Latest update on October 12th, 2003. Check What's NewUPDATED (3,881 bytes) for details.)

A short introduction...

       This is my first attempt to do something in HTML, so do not expect too much from it. ;-)  Feel free to take a peek at How this homepage has been created. Most importantly you can read there what has recently been added. Then something about what has driven me to create this page and what software I used.
       If you happen to like my homepage, you can vote for it.

Fonts you need

       It is very probable that you don't have the fonts I used when creating this page. If you don't see the word 'Fonts' in the above heading 'Fonts you need' like 'Fonts' using the correct font (914 bytes) (If you don't see the picture, you should consider upgrading your browser... ;-), you need the Denmark font (33,524 bytes). And, if you want to see what Kathy once wrote about me the way she intended it to be seen, you also need the Lucida Handwriting font (56,560 bytes). If you prefer, you can download both fonts at once, ZIPped (59,045 bytes).

Recent update's thought

       Whenever I am inspired or desperate enough I write down a Thought. It is usually about what I am thinking about at that time, be it something interesting I heard on TV or something I experienced in my own life. Often I write because I need to get something off my chest, want to sort my thoughts. This helps. If you want to know more about me or the way I think, you're welcome to read it. You can find my older thoughts on my Thoughts Of My Past page.

What Kathy wrote

       Maybe you are interested in what a friend, Kathy, once wrote about me. She wrote that on the 18th of March 1999, if I am right. Considered sweet. I would like to say Thank You for it. She removed the link to that page later and did not put it back. I thought it was worth saving (at least for me), so I downloaded it from its original location and put it here. If it is readable, then you probably need the Lucida Handwriting font (56,560 bytes), to see it as it was originally created. I didn't change anything on the page, except for adding 'images/' to the image source paths (because I downloaded the images too), removing the geocities pop-up window, and changing the link 'back to home' from relative to absolute, to make it work (and later removing it on Kathy's request).

My pictures

       And here is what everyone is probably actually looking for, pictures of me !  How does the ingenious Hacker actually look like ?  Is he a monster out of this world ?  Is he an alien ?  Is he Sasquatch, Bigfoot (greetings man) or Yeti ?  Godzilla or King Kong ?  The answer is ... yes !  If you want a proof, look onto my Photos page !  Enjoy !

Baptism By Fire

       In late 1999 our class has been given the assignment to make a photostory for our English class. The topic was free to choose. It wasn't difficult for me to decide what I would make the photostory about. Star Trek. The work on it began in spring 2000 and it was finished in about May 2000. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Baptism By Fire.
       Every link on the page points to some background behind the scenes info, or some explanation. Have a nice time.


       OK, every page has one and mine will have one, too. :-)  The Links page. Here you won't find links to pages of my friends just because they're my friends. A page has to be good, to be included in here. So what will you find here ?  Links to software I use and love and which is the best of its kind known to me. Links to interesting pages, no matter in what way. And that's it.


       This homepage is dedicated to all my online friends, including the ones not mentioned here (I remember you folks, but I won't include people I've talked to only once or who I've lost touch with. The list would be too long.). Special thanks to (in alphabetical order):

Angela Wells
- for the great time spent talking about various episodes of Star Trek: Voyager and for listening to me and showing care when I needed it most,
(Good luck with your life.)

- for being my first true online friend,

- for talking to me and having the courage to ask me a question for the first time thus showing me her esteem of my opinion (or did she just want to keep me busy ? ;-),

- for not giving up the idea of me being attractive,

- for the same reason as Bubble,

- for being someone very special,

- for being a great friend who I can talk to about anything and for being there for me everytime when she's online, for listening, for trying to help, for caring, for giving me a hug or holding my hand when needed, for being herself, just for being so great,

- for her truly unmatched way of writing and for being very sweet,
(Where have you gone ?)

- for being the greatest soulhealer I know,
(Are you still alive ?)

- for making ten months of my life unforgettable,

- for being there for me, for listening to me when I need it, for supporting me, for giving me advice, for helping out in difficult situations, for great conversations and for being such a great friend,

- for her endless care, kindness and trust (still in alphabetical order ;-)
(Get some sleep. ;-),

- for one significant chat,

This page was put online on June 16th, 1999.
If you want to see the statistics of this page please click on the small icon below. Thank you. :-)

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