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Uros Dojcinovic - guitarist, composer, pedagogue, and publisher - was born in Belgrade, Serbia (Yugoslavia) in 1959. He studied classical guitar in Belgrade, graduating from Zagreb Academy of Music, with post-graduate work in musicology at the University of Belgrade. Dojcinovic has performed numerous concerts around the world, as well as presenting master classes and lectures. In addition to writing and publishing for various magazines and journals, he has released more than 30 recordings and appeared on radio and television.

Uros Dojcinovic won admiration and the sympathy of large audiences, as well as the highest judgements of music critics at more than three thousand concerts, performing repertoire which included more than three hundred compositions from different composers such as Dowland, Sanz, Bach, Händel, Scarlatti, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Segovia, and many others. Astro de la Guitarra (the guitar star), as the famous artist Pepe Torres (Peru) called him, belongs to a small group of leading artists. Thanks to his extraordinary talent and the dynamic power of his art, Uroš Dojcinovic is rapidly approaching a peak reached only by the most distinguished contemporary musicians.

Dojcinovic is a frequent and very popular guest of many radio and TV studios and his virtuoso interpretations have been recorded on LPs, compact discs and cassettes of many publishing companies. He is also an excellent teacher who devotes his special attention to the writing and publishing of pieces of music for guitar music, studies, and other professional publications. It is very likely that Mijo Bockaj, the greatest Croatian guitar maker, expressed on the best judgements of Uroš Dojcinovic’s mastery, skill, and most distinguished art in 1976 by saying that his instrument sounded quite different in Dojcinovic’s hands — that Dojcinovic felt the soul of his guitar.

The whole life of Uroš Dojcinovic has been successfully oriented towards art. His accomplishments have been recognized with awards throughout the years. Having been educated by some very famous pedagogues, but with a strong orientation towards individual works based on the traditions of the classical guitar schools and complimented by all the possible up-to-date achievements regarding musical technique, Uroš Dojcinovic developed into an exceptionally strong artistic personality with a marked individuality. His interpretations are filled with strong emotions and originality, with a very distinctive expression. He has a very deep and intimate knowledge of all the secrets of the guitar as an instrument and a clear determined attitude towards art as a whole.

Dojcinovic is constantly aware of the requirements of some compositions and is a grandiose imaginative interpretor always faithful to the epoch and style of the piece of music which he is performing. Apart from his performing and teaching activities, Dojcinovic also composes music, makes musical arrangements, and is engaged in playing chamber music. He is the founder of the Yugoslavian Festival of the Classical Guitar in Zajecar, and the artistic director of the International Guitar Series in Smederevo, and Sorabia International Guitar Events in Niš.

Concert Tour in Serbia with Uros Dojcinovic, July 2001

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