Syukhtun Editions

Book II of Theophany deals with my first and second voyages to Europe as the “Anti-Columbus“, back-tracking Columbus' route to the New World on my way to the Old World. Coming from the Caribbean island Curaçao I first arrived in European territory in the summer of 1969 on the Canary island called Tenerife. From these same Canary Islands Columbus set sail for the New World in 1492. On the Spanish passenger ship Begonia I had a brief romance with a girl from Caracas, Venezuela named Marisol, who had relatives living on Tenerife. After visiting them she planned to continue with the Begonia to Southampton, England to study. Echoing Don Quixote's infatuation with Dulcinea del Toboso, I name the newly “discovered“ Old World Marisolia using the same “right of discovery“ used by the European conquerors in the New World. With this same “right of discovery“ the Anti-Columbus bestows Native American place-names on the various places he visited in what the natives there called “yurup“, who themselves gave European place names (New England, New France, New Spain, etc.) to Native American sites. The above map is the result of my explorations. It is based on the famous 15th-century map below:

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