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December 16, 2016

I have not been equally as captivated by the New Yorker staff writer Willam Finnegan. The creative freedom he displays in his autobiography is cramped into the New Yorker’s agenda which, like like most mainstream media, is politically biased one way or the other. The political right-left paradigm is absurd. As in the current election, a choice between plague and pestilence is no choice. Taking off on a good wave, right or left for Finnegan depended totally on the anatomy of the wave, both directions equally as worthy as yin or yang. There is a deep chasm between the two forms of prose: the spiritual aloofness Finnegan displays in Barbarian Days, and the gossipy commentaries on each trending news item, or the current election. One form of prose is derived from ”inner necessity,” the other from ”political correctness.” Understanding that whether Democrat or Republican, heads or tails – you lose – allows you to leave the boisterous three-ring circus to its own downfall, and get on with your life.

The presidential election of 2016 has provoked Finnegan and other mainstream journalists to even question the result of a democratic process that elected a candidate who does not meet their approval. Outside of the right-left paradigm remains the fact that president-elect Trump (Finnegan’s bogey man) will be obliged to exert enormous prolonged evil energy to equal the horrors of the last sixteen years of two catastrophic presidents, hundreds of thousands of slaughtered civilians, once prosperous societies in the Middle East turned into agonizing hells on earth, resulting in over one million muslim migrants flowing into Europe in one year with soaring rates of violent crimes and rape in countries like Sweden where I live. The president-elect will have to be a prodigy of evil to surpass his predecessors.

Finnegan’s view of the attacks on September 11, 2001 reflect the official explanation of the government, despite very many intelligent doubts raised by scientists, engineers, architects and firemen who were on the scene, all seriously questioning the official explanation. In a New Yorker article he mocks the alternative news sources reporting “’false flag’ ops secretly perpetrated by the government to increase its tyrannical power.” (June 23, 2016) He mocks Trump’s “creepy political fairy tales,” omitting that “fairy tales” have been normal for the power elite for decades: the fairy tale of the Gulf of Tonkin incident that was the excuse for the years of horrors of the Vietnam war; the fairy tale of Sadam Hussein’s non-existent weapons of mass-destruction that were the excuse for the horrors of the Iraq war; the the refusal of the mainstream media to report on the collapse of the 47-floor World Trade Center Building No. 7 (which was not hit by an airplane!) in less than ten seconds. Its owner, Larry Silverstein, has admitted on video that Building No. 7 was a controlled demolition.

Despite this proven fact, Finnegan is clearly unwilling to ponder the logistics needed to secretly prepare sky-scrapers for controlled demolition over weeks or months, nor to consider that the brother of the president owned the security company responsible for the World Trade Center. It is a terrifying reality that took me ten years to finally consider more and more as the truth which the government is covering up. Such epic evil is beyond the abilities of normal people to imagine. Despite his courage as a big-wave surfer, Finnegan, like the mainstream media, does not have the courage to sincerely consider that 9/11 was indeed an inside job, nor the ramifications of what this means to the entire society in the broadest historical perspective.

Finnegan is one among the obedient official mouthpieces for the official 9/11 story, like the female BBC reporter on 9/11 reporting that Building No. 7 had already collapsed, when the Manhattan skyline behind her clearly shows it still standing over her shoulder. This is not “fake news” produced by the alternative media like Infowars for which Finnegan only has contempt. This blatant lie came from one of the most trusted international news networks in the world. It was Infowars and other alternative news sources that exposed this and other obscene lies coming from the mainstream media. Along with its criminal complicity, the BBC blundered terribly with the timing of informing its hapless female reporter, who will forever be a laughing-stock in television archives. As far as how the BBC knew that Building No. 7 was going to be brought down – after Larry Silverstein gave the order “Pull it!” – only the devil knows.

Immediately after the Twin Towers and Building No. 7 had collapsed, a major mainstream TV journalist, Dan Rather, instinctively blurted out the truth: “It is reminiscent of those pictures we’ve all seen too much on television before when a building was deliberately destroyed by well-placed dynamite to knock it down.“ Despite the intimidating corporate power of a huge television network that refused to discuss this on the news for the following ten years, Dan Rather instantly blurted out the fact which they have subsequently suppressed: “It looks like controlled demolition.” The mainstream media have become a servile public relations office for the official version of events, and not unbiased messengers of truth.

In the same article Finnegan writes: “Fake news has many people up in arms these days. But much of the stuff that Trump and his allies are peddling and consuming is really just old-fashioned lying.” Why is a lying political figure even an issue? They all lie. “I did not have sex with that woman,” said one president. Other presidents feds us the lies of the Gulf of Tonkin “incident”, Sadam’s weapons of mass destruction, the Russians hacked the US elections and appointed Trump as their man, and much more “fake news” spouted by the mainstream media. We have been lied to our entire lives, from Washington cutting down the cherry tree to the brand of cigarettes recommended by most doctors.

Finnegan seems not to want to consider a reality among the power elite in Washington DC that is almost too outrageous to believe. The United States of America were modeled after the Roman Empire by the founding fathers, who as well established themselves as an aristocratic slave-owning elite. In Rome a reality almost too outrageous to believe became the status quo, “depravities that one can hardly bear to tell or be told.” (Suetonius, Life of Tiberius)* Emperor Tiberius “trained little boys (whom he termed ‘minnows‘) to crawl between his thighs when he went swimming and tease him with their licks and nibbles. Unweaned babies he would put to his organ as though to the breast, being by both nature and age rather fond of this form of satisfaction.” As the emperors ceded to the popes, pedophilia continued at the highest levels in the catholic church to the present day. Several emperors of Rome in its decline were also homosexual. Not only Rome. The cover of Newsweek for May 21, 2012 portrays Obama with a rainbow halo above the heading “The First Gay President.” Even though this epic news oddly remained uncommented on by the rest of the mainstream media for the following five years, it follows a pattern.

Emperor Elagabalus allegedly referred to a male slave as his husband and called himself the slave’s “Queen,” and prostituted himself to others. Emperor Hadrian named the Egyptian city Antinopolis after his male lover Antinous. Emperor Caligula even married his horse. The “depravities that one can hardly bear to tell” only continued in Rome: Empress Agrippina murdered her husband Claudius. Emperor Nero had his mother Agrippina murdered. Today it is instead the ”Clinton body count” under discussion. Hillary Clinton reminds me of a modern Agrippina. Instead of pudgy Nero to groom into absolute power, she had her serial rapist husband Bill. (Tiberius molested children on the isle of Capri. Bill Clinton flew many times to the Bahamas as the guest of convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein on the infamous “Lolita Express.”) This is only the tip of the iceberg of documented “depravities that one can hardly bear to tell“ that occur today routinely among the power elite of the United States. But Finnegan, still in denial, finds it outrageous that Hillary, like Bill, could possibly be sexually deviant in the ancient Roman fashion. He bewails ”a fake news story that accused Hillary Clinton of involvement in child sex crimes.” (The New Yorker November 22, 2016)

If the truth matters to him, I can only advise him to look at the following video of Hillary Clinton child sex slave Cathy O'Brien as she boldly speaks out about the repeated lesbian rapes she was victim to: Video Finnegan should reconsider his politically correct view that child sex crimes are not prevalent among the elite. Second in line to the US presidency after the vice president is the speaker of the house of representatives. Dennis Hastert, the longest serving Republican speaker of the house of representatives in US history, was convicted as a “serial child molester” to 15 months (not years!) in jail. (BBC, April 27, 2016) Hastert, two steps away from the presidency, raped boys from 1965 to 1981 when he was a school wrestling coach. The video Conspiracy of Silence deals with the trafficking of child sex slaves from Boys Town, Nebraska to Washington D.C. It was canceled from appearing on the Discovery Channel because of political and corporate blackmail. Suetonius turns in his grave. And we Americans? We have got the leaders we deserve.

As for the “birther” controversy over Obama, Finnegan distorts the facts to be able to continue with his politically correct agenda: “Trump also trades heavily in imaginary events and conspiracy theories. He gained national traction on the American right by promoting the canard that President Obama was born outside the United States — a race-baiting lie...” As Trump well knows, the issue has not been where Obama was born, but where is his bonafide birth certificate, since the “official” one has been proven fake. Finnegan once did a long report on sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona. Yesterday the sheriff revealed very convincing evidence that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery. Arpaio emphasized that he never believed that Obama was not born in the US. The issue is the fake birth certificate: Video This is the essence of “birtherism” that Finnegan mocks, not race-baiting. Finnegan lies by omission. A true journalist would investgate further, get to the bottom of things like sheriff Joe and his staff.
* tr. J.C. Rolfe

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