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This book of essays was gradually written over a period of twenty years. It reflects the author’s main areas of study, which include the indigenous native cultures of California and the rest of North America, history, Art, philosophy and ethics. The first essay in this volume, Obedience: Bane of Freedom, was begun on July 4, 2011, and reflects his rage and bewilderment over the violent self-destructive mentality prevalent in the USA, the nation of his birth. The official explanation of the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 is questioned. Anthropology Answerable, Archaeology Answerable and The Western Gate can be considered a “triptych,” each dealing with various aspects of Native California and Native America. The Western Gate refers to Point Conception, west of Santa Barbara, which is one of the most sacred sites for the Chumash people. Democracy? questions the political ideology that began in ancient Athens with a majority vote calling for the death sentence on Athens’ wisest citizen, Socrates. The American founding fathers even had their doubts: “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.“ (Benjamin Franklin) Everyday Tyranny is the most recent essay in this volume, and continues with the previous critical examination of democratic society in Europe and the United States. Commentary on the God Delusion is both a commentary on biologist Richard Dawkins’ world famous best-seller and a deeper look into the questions he raises about our perception of the universe and its origins.

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This second book of essays was gradually written over a period of several years. It continues from the first book Essays with the author’s main areas of study: history, Art, philosophy and ethics. The first essay in this volume, Evil is Good, Good is Evil, illustrates the official abuse of language that turns morality upside down. New facts about the Vietnam war, as well as other historic events, provide examples. William Shakespeare? confronts the two-hundred-year tradition of denying William Shakespeare as the author of the Works ascribed to him, with at least 86 “candidates” having been put forth thus far. Michel de Montaigne deals with the author of the Essais, prototype for all essayists to follow, which took decades to write and (for the current author) decades to read in French. Wisdom Versus Philosophy is the most recent essay in this volume, and comments on the strange absence of Wisdom in the tradition of western philosophy, with special focus on the German philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. Thoughts While Awaiting Armageddon, an essay at first abandoned in 2005, was augmented with much more text in 2015 after the series of terrorist attacks by muslim jihadists at Fort Hood, Garland (both in Texas), Paris, Chattanooga and San Bernardino, leaving hundreds dead and wounded. Armageddon, centrally located in the war-torn Middle East (today Megiddo in Israel), is seen as a sort of center – a black hole – in the collective unconscious sucking in all light, a self-fulfilling prophecy of doom. A Painter’s Stroll Through Millennia of Western Art examines tens of thousands of years of Art, its meaning to human culture and its decline into mediocrity. This essay is illustrated with many images, from the carved piece of ochre found in South Africa that is 77,000 years old, to the highly coveted “piss paintings” of Andy Warhol. Finally, Phase 3 relates the author’s experience in Sweden as a participant in a national program for the unemployed which he harshly criticizes.

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