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Pictures and such, by Moi

Here I am, online again time for a new website though what i'm going to put up on here i'm not entirely certain, mostly photos i guess, I have a wonderful new 3 phone which I have been going mental over taking photos left right and centre, so why not create a photo journal site??? Now thats an idea....

Lately I have been inbetween jobs but flat out, ive hardly been home and my calander in my phone is now becomming quite populated, with reminders, birthdays, appointments and errands. I've not really been too enthusiastic about getting another job because i have been so pre-occupied. I am going to have to get casual bartending job soon tho, A chick who I used to work with has said she can get me a job at a hotel which is just down the road from where I used to work which would be quite convinient, but living where I do there are so many places one can apply for hospitality work.

Anyway, this is just for laughs!!!

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