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After having been infatuated with the image, legend and talents of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald I decided to go all out and make a tribute to her legacy and share it with others! Hers was a talent that was sadly unappreciated, and I have here a gallery of Zelda's many paintings that she did while hospitalized in the 1930s and 1940s, as well as pictures of the paper dolls she made of herself, Scott, and Scottie. I do not have the dates to these, but they are titled at least. I also enclose some photographs of Zelda and her family that I have accumulated from various webpages over the past several years, and I will update as I find new ones.

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one of Zelda's favorite flowers, the peony

I was intrigued by Zelda only after I became a fan of her husband, F. Scott Fitzgerald. I am fascinated with the Jazz Age and I still wish I could have been alive during that golden era. After a while I was interested in learning about Zelda, after whom nearly all of Scott's famous heroines were modeled after. I found a copy of her biography "Zelda" by Nancy Milford and her only novel "Save Me the Waltz", and I immersed myself in her magic. I wanted to learn more, so I bought "The Collected Writings of Zelda Fitzgerald" and "Sometimes Madness is Wisdom: Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald- a Marriage", and I soon found myself cutting my hair to match how she had it and trying to mimic her careless manners. But I realize that I cannot become Zelda, because there never will be anyone like her ever again. So to her I dedicate this webpage and the many galleries of her paintings and photographs in hope that this helps everyone realize even to a small degree that she was a most brilliant, gifted woman and there never will be a match to her. This site was created January 2nd, 2002 and redesigned November 12th, 2005. Enjoy!

News and Updates:

3/14/2012- MTTZ is now on Facebook! Why didn't I think of this before? It took a chat session with an old message board member to get the idea into my head, thanks Mike! I think it will be a great place to reach out to other Zelda fans and hopefully reunite the key members of the old Yahoo group and forum. Click on the following link and like the new page!
1/3/2012- It has been 10 years since MTTZ debuted online. 10 YEARS!!! Does it seem that long to you? I didn't think so. I am going through an updating process, removing any defunct links and I will be circulating the URL for the site to other Zelda related websites. I have been really busy with personal projects over the years, but hopefully I can get around to putting some new stuff on here. Stay tuned!
4/12/2010- Wow, it has been WAAAAAY too long! I have an idea to pose for you, my beloved readers. I would like for you to send me your photos of yourself dressed up as Zelda (or Scott for my male fans), which I would put in a new gallery which will be named "Zelda's Doppelgangers". If you think you may even look like Zelda or Scott, that is another reason to send your photo. Everyone will be given full credit for their pics. I'd like to see how much fun we can have with this. My email address is at the bottom of the page, I look forward to seeing what you guys can come up with!
6/15/2007- Bobbie Lanahan (Zelda's granddaughter) has won an award for her animated film "The Naked Hitchhiker"! A link for that (and a few others) can be found on the left side.

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  • Wear a one-piece flesh colored bathing suit so people think you swim in the nude.
  • Believe that you can learn how to play the piano by mail and that mud can give you a perfect complexion.
  • Don't ride in taxis, ride on top of them!
  • Make everyone love, remember, and be dazzled by you, especially men.
  • Start writing about your life experiences, such as learning the Russian Ballet, or summers at the French Riviera.
  • Have one child, and pray that it's a girl and a beautiful little fool.
  • Attend endless parties and be the social centre of all of them.
  • Experiment with painting- see what imagery you can come up with!
  • Foremost and above all, make yourself the centre of the universe- after all, how can anyone possibly live without you?