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November Newsletter 2001

What Styles Do We Study

Here at Skip Ellsí Martial Arts Institute we study mainly Kempo/Kenpo. Which means fist law, or law of the fist. Well that is great but lets get into it some more. We actually study many more styles in our system, such as judo that incorporates take downs. Any take down consider it Judo. We also use Jujitsu by our arm bars, body joint manipulations, etc. We also use Dimak, or poison hand techniques in our style too, which are nerve attack and pressure point techniques. We also use Kung Fu with our more fluent blocks as I will discuss later. We also study more styles than this, but these are the ones that I will be discussing. So as you can clearly see that we use the best of all martial arts into our one system. In my opinion our style of fighting is one of the top martial arts around.

You now say, "I never realized that before, that cool." Now I will show you an application using one of our combinations. When people ask me about our style combination 11 explains it in a nutshell. This combination utilizes the above mentioned martial arts.

Lets Get Started On Combination 11

First the attacker strikes with a right front punch to your face or chest. It doesnít matter where to me. I then cat up into a left cat stance, and I deflect the strike with a left perie block. This my friends is Kung fu, the soft flowing movements, unlike karate which is more explosive and powerful. I then strike the attackers right temple with a right trigger finger. This people is Dimak pressure point fighting. As the attacker falls back from the painful attack I then simultaneously palm heel strike the attackers right hip while pulling up on his right ankle. You guessed it he is now on the ground looking up. This is Judo, because of the take down. I then lock up his right leg with a jujitsu grab lifting him slightly into the air. I am also at this time attacking a nerve in his lower calf with my bone in my right arm. As I hold his right leg I then swing around back forcing him on his stomach. I then knee him in his back pulling the leg full back snapping his back. I then step back to the



attackers right side, and strike his kidney with my right hand, once again vital target area using Dimak. I then kick both sides of the body to the kidneys, a blend of karate and Dimak. If he attempts to lift his head up to get away then you finish it with a wheel kick using your left leg to his head. So you see this one simple technique uses karate, Dimak, Judo, Jujitsu, Kung-Fu working together into one devastating martial arts form. I hope this gives the student a realization of just how effective our style is, and the vast knowledge that the school instructors have in numerous martial arts.

Donít Lose Sight

Everything that we study here is combat martial arts, and we take it easy on each other during class. Some do it for the exercise, and some for the love of the art. When you practice think of how each technique can be used in real life applications.

I like to think of our self defense drills in a few concepts:





What I mean

As you are punched or grabbed. You must first block the attack. You then guard to protect from another attack. You then distract with a strike to take the focus away from the attacker. Once the attacker is stunned you then finish with a destroy/destruction technique.


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General Information


The following were promoted
Drew Harris 5th Degree Black Belt & Associate Proffesor
Peggy Mullen 3rd Degree Black Belt & Sensei
Douglas Veronesi 2nd Degree Black Belt & Instructor
Tom Berube 2nd Degree Black Belt & Instructor

We will be having our annual SEMAI Christmas party on October ?? from ?-?PM. Check the wall as you come in for more information.
Four of our instructors have just been promoted. Good job everyone.

I have a suggestion for you. Do your forms during TV commercials, and what ever else you need. I do this myself almost every day. The key is practice, and repitition. The higher black belts still practice their front punches too, and basic foot stances. A house without a good foundation will soon crumble during the first storm.

If any student wants their picture put in the school photograph section. Give it to me, and I will scan it in. Check out our game link on our Martial Arts Link page. This is so people will come back, and visit us. The games are fun, and you can win prizes. This works best on Microsoft Internet Explorer. There is alot of information on this page so explore, and learn, and have fun too.

:-) Happy Birthday :-)

This Month's Birthday
Sensei Harris
Kyle Terrien
Hannah Veronesi

Schedule of Events

Every Month
3rd Saturday Black Belt Workout 8-10AM
3rd Saturday Staff Meeting 10-11AM
3rd Saturday Brown Belt Workout 11-12PM
3rd Week Stripe Evaluations
3rd Week Testing
Every Saturday 9-10AM Adult Workout/ Catch up

January Events
Saturday the 29th Kickathon 10-12PM

May Events
Sunday the 6th NEKICK Tournament
Monday the 28th Parade 9AM sharp

October Events
Sunday the 21st Black Belt Test 8-12PM
Saturday the 27th Halloween Party 1-3PM

November Events
NEKICK Tournament Sunday the 4th at 9:30AM

December Events
SEMAI Christmas Party To Be Announced

Students of the Month

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