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Kempo/Kenpo Karate is a very old form of Chinese boxing (kung-fu). Translated Kempo/Kenpo means "Fist Law". Kem/Ken means "Fist", Po means "Law". Karate means "Empty Hands". Kara means "Empty", Te means "Hands". Kempo/Kenpo Karate is a well rounded system. It incorporates a balanced blend of Chinese hand movements and kicking techniques. Kempo/Kenpo also incorporates many Jui-Juitsu (supression) and Judo (throwing) techniques into it's system. These can be used when another person grabs, or attempts to grab you. In Kempo/Kenpo, you will be trained on the correct, and proven ways to protect yourself, and your loved ones against knife attacks, club assaults, and even from being threatened with a gun. Kempo/Kenpo Karate will hone your body, and mind to be a fine edge. In Kempo/Kenpo, you are trained beyond the physical methods of self defense. Your mind will be trained as well. You will be trained on how to protect yourself with your mind. This is very important, because many physical situations can be overcome by using your mind as your defense weapon. The highest level of self defense in the Martial Arts is the ability to defeat your opponent by using your mind instead of using your fists. Kempo/Kenpo Masters pride themselves in this.


ABOUT THE TIGER From the Tiger we learn STRENGTH & TENACITY in our fighting strategies, techniques as well as in our Daily Life. The Tiger is very powerful and direct. The Tiger commits it's entire mind and body into each move. There is no hesitation in the Tigers mind. Fingertip and revolving pushups are helpful during Tiger Training.

ABOUT THE LEOPARD From The Leopard, we learn SPEED & AGILITY in our Fighting strategies, techniques as well as in our daily life. The Leopard is extremely fast and angular .It is noted for its sudden changes of movement and carried angles of attack. The Leopard is not as big as the Tiger, but is capable of "providing great effect" force = speed (x) mass. The Leopard completes this equation quite well hand to eye coordination and reflex training drills are good foundations for effective Leopard techniques.

ABOUT THE SNAKE From The Snake we learn RHYTHMIC ENDURANCE, AND ACCURACY in our fighting strategies, techniques as well as in our daily life. The Snake is very calm and accurate. Flexibility is a key part of Snake training. Dont neglect upper torso and arm flexibility; not just your legs. The Snake is completely supple in body and mind.

ABOUT THE CRANE From the Crane, we learn GRACE, BALANCE, AND BREATHING in our Fighting strategies, techniques as well as in our daily life. The Crane is very aware and evasive. many people underestimate the Crane's power. It doesn't have much body weight, but it utilizes it very well and it positions itself effectively. The Crane has excellent stances, but understanding of being in the proper position at the proper time is properly it's most valuable tool.

ABOUT THE DRAGON From The Dragon, we learn WISDOM, and to be the ULTIMATE FIGHTING SPIRIT in our fighting strategies, techniques as well as in our daily life. The Dragon is the mystical aspect of our system. The Dragon is noted for its spinning movements, such as spinning heel and spinning backkicks as well as Dragon tail sweeps. Low level lunges in all directions are very useful during Dragon training. The Dragon can change into any animal at any movement. This is a key part of the secrets of our system of movement.

The Shaolin Temple was first built around 495 ad, by the Chinese emperor Hsino Wen. It was in the great Shaolin Temple in the songshan mountains of central China that Buddharama, a sixth century Indian Monk first intro- duced Buddhism and a form of Mediation and fighting techniques. He introduced a form of breathing exercises based upon animal movements designed to strengthen and condition the body. The art of Shaolin Kempo Karate has developed from numerous styles of the martial arts including: SHAOLIN TEMPLE BOXING, JIU JITSU, KUNG FU, KEMPO, different styles of KARATE, as well as the secret art of the WHITE TIGER (Chin Na). Each fighting system offers some- thing both unique and special, but each also has it's weaknesses that make a fighter vulnerable. The ultimate in self defense lay not in one way or style of fighting but by the integration of these methods of fighting into one. The Shaolin Kempo Karate fighting system is the only system that incor- porates the movements of the original five animals: TIGER, LEOPARD, DRAGON, CRANE, and SNAKE. It is a system that promotes health and wisdom. Shaolin's theory of fighting is based upon effective multiple strikes off a powerful mobile base, with linear, angular and circular off- ensive and defensive motions with simultaneous manipulation of the opp- onent's upper and lower body masses. The art of Shaolin Kempo Karate with it's graceful movements for devel- opment of the internal energy & balance of the body's external strengths is the essence for producing a superior fighter. We believe that by applying the physical and mental aspects of the martial arts into your personal lives, one will achieve harmony and balance.