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Ranking System

Our style has 14 belts in all. The yellow, and orange belts with the black stripe running through them are for the tots class only. All others go through the 12 belt system. Within each belt you earn three stripes. The first stripe is the white stripe. The second stripe is the blue. The third stripe is the red. These are to be worn on your left side, and are only put on one side of the belt. Once you receive your red stripe you are eligible to be tested the next month. Not everyone will get a stripe when it comes to evaluation week, which is the third full week of every month. Do not compare yourself to others, just be the best that you can be.
From white belt to orange our students wear the white gi. The purple student and above wear the black gi. A brown belt assistant instructor wears a white gi top, and black pants. A black belt instructor wears the white top with black trim along with the black pants. A sensei wears a red top, and is at least a third degree black belt. The black belt stripes are to be on both sides of the belts. The black belt stripes are as follows:

Here is our black belt instructor gi top.