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What's New - 4 July 2001

In Short Quotes Some variations of the quote: "Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger" collected from around the WWW


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If the characters from Middle Earth were interviewed...
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Biting editorials on the current situation in Middle Earth!
Smog on the Barrow Downs
A collaborative story from rec.arts.books.tolkien
That's why we have messageboards...
Short Quotes
Quotable quotes from the online Tolkien community
Tricky Issues
..Beaten to death topics ie Xenarwen, Balrog wings, hair color.
LOTR Movie Marketing

LOTR meets Star Wars
Hobbits vs Elves
LOTR & Political Correctness
LOTR Catchphrases
Trivia...trivial but interesting
Alternative Casting - Muppets in LOTR and more!
Roles suggested for Keanu Reeves in the movies
Hey kids! Too busy to read the book? We can help you!
Lord of The Rings - What's that?
After the movies?
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The Alternative LOTR

Fans get creative!
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