The Wipers

The Wipers

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The Wipers were formed in 1979. Their first single was titled "Better Off Dead", it was released on TARP Records. Their first full length album was "Is This Real?" It was released on Sub-Pop records and included the members, Greg Sage on guitar and vocals, Dave Koupal on bass, and Sam Henry on drums. This album included their Nirvana covered hit "Return of the Rat" (Nirvana as well as Hole also covered D7). This album was their last time they recorded in a studio, outside of their own. When this album was released 3 songs Greg had recorded as a demo's made it onto the record, against his wishes. Those songs were; "Telepathic Love", "Voices in the Rain" and "Image of a Man".

Their next album was titled "Youth of Today" on Restless Records, in 1981. Durring this album they added bass player Brad Davidson. In 1982 The Wipers toured with drummer Brad Naish (of The Styphnoyds).

Two years later they released "Over the Edge" also on Restless Records. (I believe the line up stayed the same but if anyone has any other ideas mail me)

In 1985 The Wipers released their live self titled album on Eginma records. Soon after Greg released his first solo album "Straight Ahead". Followed by "Land of the Lost" in 1986 released on Restless Records. Next year they put out "Follow Blind" also on Restless Records. This time the line up was, Greg Sage: guitar and vocals, Steve Poluf on drums, and Brad Davidson on bass. By this time The Wipers had gained popularity in Europe and had a cult following in America.

In '88 The Wipers released "The Circle" Where Greg showed his muscial diversity by playing the harp. After that album the band broke up and the only thing released durring that time was a "Best of the Wipers" album put out in '90 and Greg's next solo album "Sacrafice (for love)". Then in '95 "Silver Sail" was released on Koch records.

In '96 Steve and Greg put out Herd on Tim Curr records.

Greg is now working on a new Wipers album to be titled "Power in One", it should be out on their own Zeno Records. Check out their offical website. The Wipers will also be contributing a track to Gimme Indie Rock, Vol. 1. The song will be "Nothing Left to Loose".

Here is my Wipers LYRICS collection. mail me with any info i should add.

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