Thrown Ups Discography

Thrown Ups Discography

Full Lengths
Seven Years Golden LP, AmRep, 1997.

The Thrown Ups, (same songs as Melancholy Girlhole), Glitterhouse, 1990.

Box Set
Melancholy Girlhole 3x7" BOX, (the three singles all pushed into one box) AmRep, 1990.

Fletch, AmRep (their first non-halo's release), pressing of 500, 1988.

Smiliing Panties, AmRep, pressing of 600, 1988.

Eat My Dump, AmRep, pressing of 600, 1989.

Dope, Guns N' Fucking in the Streets Vol 1-3, AmRep, 1989.

Sub Pop 200, Sub-Pop, 1991.

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