What happens when you get the four members of MUDHONEY in a room at one time? Well, there's more on tier mindsd than just their latests album My Brother The Cow

FACES: How long did it take to record My Brother The Cow
Matt Lunkin: It took two weeks to record and another two weeks to mix.
Dan Peters: Occasionally the producer would say, "Hey, you guys can go now. I'll stick around a bit. I've got this idea I'm working on." We'd come back the next morning and say, "That sounds like shit!"
Matt: We have never spent more than five weeks on any of our records. This one was pretty focused. We weren't wandering around at 3 o'clock saying, "Yeah, I gotta go around five."
Steve Turner: We had 25 or 26 songs. We came up with most of them in rehearsal
Dan: We recorded about 15 or 16. We had a lot of time to work on them. We didn't really do much in '94.
Mark Arm: I got married in '94.
Dan: When I'm at home sitting around I wish that I had a hobby.
Mark: Matt's more of a hobby kind of guy. He's got a lot of model airplanes.
Matt: Yeah, by the end of yesterday's interview I was making paper planes just to fly and crash
Mark: Don't forget the home brew. Matt and Dan have been brewing beer at home.
Matt: Each batch comes out a little different. I named the beer "Lukin Good Beer." Lukin is my last name. Get it? Its a damn good hobby.
Steve: Matt's tastes pretty good. I havn't tried any of Dan's.
Mark: Matt brought a case on the tourbus with us.
Steve: But anyway when we record we play everything pretty much live.
Mark: The come together pretty quick. If anybody hast to redo their parts its usually me. Singing and playing guitar at the same time is pretty tough.
Dan: Then we put a glossy finnish on them in the mix.
Steve: We would show up around one o'clock and go to this coffee shop that they had upstairs.
Dan: Order up some triple lattes. Then we would sacrifice a got and drink its blood.
Matt Mark would pee in the corner and I would light a circle of fire around my drums.
On this record, which song sparks you the most?
Dan: The first song, "Judgement, Rage, Retribution and Thyme."
Mark: The first song always is the one that always gets played the most
Steve: As elevator music it would sound loud and cranky.
Mark: I would like to see the kids dancing in the street to "1995."
Matt: It's more of a period piece.
Steve: We cant play it in 1996.
Mark: Tommorow we leave for Southeast Asia with Pearl Jam. You can't bring any gum into Singapore. I don't know how I'm going to get by a day without gum. I love to chew gum.
Steve: They don't want gum to get on the streets because it makes them dirty.
Matt: Its an anal country.
Steve: It was colonized by the Germans.
Mark: I say, "Chrew gum not gusn!"

Article by: Lucky G from FACES.

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