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The Makers

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The Makers were formed in '94 (?) by brothers Don Maker (bass) and Mike Maker(vocals). Under a different name their first guitarist was Jamie but John Maker was the first guitarist under the Maker name. They got Jon Maker and released their fist ep, "Hip Notic" on No Sympath For the Record Industry. They album was quickly followed up by the "Howl" EP. The art design was done by Seattle great Art Chanty. The album was released on Estrus.

After that album John was replaced by Tim Maker. Their next album titled "The Devils 9 Questions" EP is an instrumental, leaving Mike Maker to play the organ. Tim recorded 4 more albums with the band then was replaced by Jamie Maker. Sometime in '97 they released a spilt single on Simpathy for the Record Industry with The Kings of Rock.

They have made 2 albums with Jamie, most recently Psychopathia Sexualis. For that album Tim Maker was back with the band, he played organ and toured with the band but then split to start his own band back in Spokane. The album was recorded by Jack Endino and he even did a little back up vocals.

Recently they signed a deal with Sub-Pop. The recording and mixing has been finnished on their new album and it was released on April 18th. The album is named "Rock-Star-God" and is in two sections, Part One "Kinives, Needles, Bullets and Blood" and Part Two "How Hard is Your Heart?"
Thanks Kyle.

The Makers now have a new single out on Sub Pop, its called "Tiger of the Night." Coming up soon should be a US tour (where you can purchase the CD and music videos for some songs off of Psychopathia Sexualis).

The Makers are playing at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle with Monkeywrench and The Bangs on April 20th. Way back when the Makers played in Dallas Texas and now you can find it at Radio Good in the archives.

Eventually I would like to have a Tabs and Lyrics so if you have anything please mail me. So far I have the tab to I Might Just Crack

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