The Interview with Eddie

Life After Seagrams

By Bryan Witherwax
BF:So whatıs the deal with the new album?

ES:Well, we have a finished record, that were proud of. A totally kick ass rock record, and itıs just sitting here right now. Itıs pretty irritating. When we made te country album we didnıt plan on there being a big gap between the country album and the rock record. We foigures we would put out the rock record about thre months later, and there would be no confusion about what kind of bands we are. Now itıs been over a year since we out out the country album and there is still no rock record in the eyes of the public.

BF:That must be pretty aggravating.

ES:It is aggravating but we know the record kicks ass, we know we are still a rock band, itıs just now we have to go out and re convince everbody.

BF: Can you tell us te name of the new record?

ES: We arenıt sure yet but right now the working title is The Suersuckers Play Some Rock Œnın ROLL!

BF:Do you guys have ant aspirations to sing to a bigger label then Interscope?

ES: No! Definitely not. If anything I hope to move back into the indie world again, because the corporate machine is ruthless. I mean you finish a project, and your looking at it through cooprate eyes and youstart second geussing yourself and questioning what youıre doing , and itıs a bit stiffling. I donıt think itıs a good thing for an artist to be a part of unless they are extremely popular so they will have more say in thier final project.

BF: How long ago did you know you wanted to play music for a living?

ES: (in an old manıs voice) Well the year was nineteen hundredd and seventy eight! And I donıt know, I was in fifth grade or something liek that, and i heard My SHarona on the radio and I said ³Thatıs it!! Thatıs what I weanna doIım not gonna be a doctor or a lawyer or anything like that . Iım going to be a Shit Ass Rock & Roller!! Maybe a one hit wonder but that hasnıt even happened yes²

BF: I guess you have to stand in line for that huh?

ES: I guess so, but good thing come to those who wait- or so iım told

BF: ANd you guys have been waiting for awhile, how long have the Suckers been at it?

ES: Wee we started this band in Arizona like. . .shit. . .Ten years ago, but we try not to draw too much attention to that fact.

BF: Well there is something to be said about longevity, I mean look at The Fastbacks.

ES: Yeah, The Fastbacks are kivk ass people and Iım happy they have managed to staytogether. To me they are proof that music isnıt always about the money and shit, but itıs part of who you are.

BF: What do you think you enjoy most about being in a band? Performing? Recrding? Touring?. . .The chicks?

ES:Yeah, ya know the chicks, the drugs, and the devil worship. These things arenıt exclusivly for bands that have sold millions of records. Theyıre for bands that have sold ya know, thousands of records as well.

BF: Well maybe the more albums you sell, the more girls you get.

ES: Itıs the drugs I really want anyway!!

BF: Is that were the lyrics for ³Non-Addictive Marijuana² caom from?

ES: Actually that song is an anti-drug song. Our guartist (Ron) went through the wringer with drugs and all. And he wrote that song when he was out of the band for about nine months.

BF: Speaking of the country album there seemed to be a lot of mixed reviews about that recording. What prompted you to record a country record and how does country music influence the Supersuckers?

ES: Well all of our songs kinda start out by dorkin around on an acoustic guitar and they sound like country songs when they are played on an acoustic. We also knew this would be our last album on Sub Pop and the next label we would sign to wouldnıt allow us to record a record like that, so we took advatage of the opportunity. I had a bunch of songs that wouldnıt work any opther way so we went and recorded them. And I must say we were very pleases with te way it turned out However we were worried this may be te kiss of death, I mea AC-DC, Motorhead, or the Ramones were never stupid enough to make country albums. But I donıt know how to explain my own actions, I guess I was trying to show the similarities between good punk and good honest accoustic music. It really takes guts to do either one.

BF: Whatıs your take on the club scene here in Seattle? Does a young band have a chance any more?

ES: Bands always bitch about how they canıt get a show. Theyıre oppressing us! They only give shows to established bands! Ya know I never ran into any of that. I donıt think any half-decent band has problems getting shows. You get out there and work, you can get shows with a band that is more popular than you and if they like you maybe you can get another show. Itıs kind od a natural sel;ection of the fittest.

BF: Let the cream rise to the top, eh?

ES: Right! I say thin the herd. Ya know Iım certainly not at the topof the heap by any means. I believe that thre area lot of bands that donıt deserve to, but the bottom line is everyone gets the same shot. Unless you have a fomous parent or youıre the lucky recipient of some nepotism.

BF: Well Iım running out of questions for now, unless you want to answer some Teen Magazine type questions like ³Whatıs your favorite color?²

ES: My favorite color is BLACK!!! (like my soul)

BF: Okay. . .Well, thanks for your time and we will be looking forward to the new album when it comes out.

ES: Yeah Iıd better get back to worshipping the devil now. So. . .Later. Back to the Supersuckers