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About Me-The Guy Behind the Site

My name is Chip Jones

I go to Holicong Middle School

Hey, my name is Chip Jones. Im from east PA and Im 14. I live, eat, breathe, and sleep punk. Its my life. I have a pop-punk band of my own called El Quatro-Im guitar/vocals. So what if Im just a damn 14 year old, I know enough shit about punk to know whats goin on. So please give me feedback about my site and send the link to anyone you think would like it because I need a lot of hits. IM me (BRINGitTOanEND or Anti Trend182) or mail me with suggestions, ideas, questions, requests (including lyrics, tabs, and pics of punk bands), comments, hates about/for my site, or just wanna talk about punk. Thanx a lot for visiting my site, come back for updates, spread my page around, and always remember...PUNK IS NEVER DEAD! (If this pic didnt show up and u want to see it, tell me and I'll send u a pic if u have AOL 4.0)