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Punk Pics #5

Here are even more punk pics. I think I might end it here unless i get some more real good ones. Later

Sick of it All

Sick of it All is killer. They can be really hardcore in one minute, and really punk in another. Started by the two Koller brothers, they have just recently come out with a new album titled "Call to Arms."A former roadie of theirs has gone his own way and is now the frontman for a very well known punk band, H2O. Sick of it All-their band name says it all. (SOIA L-R: Lou Koller, Craig Ahead, Pete Koller, Armand Majidi)


If Punk was a government (I wish it was), Rancid would be the president. Frontman Tim Armstrong has been throught a lot, including being the guitarist for Operation Ivy (Then he was called "Lint"), along with the Matt Freeman (bassist for Rancid and Op. Ivy). Tim is one of the founders of Hellcat Records, along with Brett Gurewitz. Rancid has put out 4 full-length albums and many comps. Rancid, is by far one of the best punk bands ever. (Group together L-R: Lars Fredriksen, Matt Freeman, Tim Armstrong, Brett Reed. Tim on stoop looking down. Group performing L-R: Lars Fredriksen, Tim Armstrong, Matt Freeman [Brett not visible])

Ten Foot Pole

Ten Foot Pole is pure pop-punk power (too many p's). With a pretty new bassist, Glen Vegas (Pete left in '97 and later joined Nerf Herder), Ten Foot Pole is out with a brand new KILLER album titled "Insider." One thing I like about Ten Foot Pole is that i can just turn them on when I feel like shit (or anytime at all) and they make me feel better. Ten Foot Pole has a great inspiration on me. (At top L-R: Pete, Steve, Dennis, Tony)