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Punk Pics #2

Heres the second installment of the punk pics. I still got more commin, so be patient...

The Offspring

Many say "Ixnay on the Offspringe`". Why? Because they've sold out? Gone MTV on us? Forgotten their punk roots? Maybe, but atleast they understand that they have sold out. I, myself USED to like the less-popular Offspring from their self-titled album and "Ignition." Hey! Dexter's got my shirt on!

The Bouncing Souls

What can I say? These guys rock! These soccer-playing, BMX-riding east coast punk icons have just put out their 3rd full-length cd (not including rare recordings) titled "Hopeless Romantic." The Bouncing Souls are back, they are better than ever showing every listener the true meaning of E.C.F.U.!

We want Blink!

Where else can you see a pic like this except at maybe a Blink 182 concert...