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Punk Pics

Alrite, the long awaited punk pic page is finally added. If u send me any good pics, ill post em up. Many more pics comin soon, so give me more time. Here ya go.

Dropkick Murphys

The Dropkick Murphys are my favorite band. Born and raised in Boston, all memebers of the DKM have a 100% Irish background except new singer Al Barr, who is 100% Scottish. Heres a pic of the Murphys before they put out "The Gangs all Here" and before good old Mike McColgan left the band (now replaced by Al Barr). "The city streets are where they roam, this is Boston, its their home..." (DKM L-R: Matt "Tough Sticks" Kelly, Mike McColgan, Rick Barton, Ken Casey.)


This is a great, loyal, hard-working pop-punk band (one of my favorite bands) from Bremerton, WA, who has presently released their 10th album, "Live-At the Show," and this is why they missed out on the roster of the Warped Tour. They never have and never will sell out and are dedicated to their jobs. (Above-Mike: Vocals, Bass)

The * Ataris

Ahhh...The Ataris- a great pop punk band from Cali. This bands on Kung Fu Records, the label Blink started on (UNTIL THE $ HUNGRY A*SHOLES SOLD OUT), and I don't know who or where they're currently touring with (my bad). Thier newest release "Blue Skies, Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits" is my favorite, so check em out.