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No Doubt, Minor Threat, Rage Against the Machine

No Doubt

Yeah yeah, I know, No Doubt isn't exactly very "punk," infact I'd label them "mainstream ska." But I still think overall, they're a great band with killer sound and of course, the lovely Gwen Stefani as vocals. (Above L-R: Tony Kanal-bass, Tom Dumont-guitar, Gwen Stefani-vocals, Adrian Young-drums)

Minor Threat!

Minor Threat is basically, as gnarly as they come. Started in the early 80's in D.C., Minor Threat created/invented the whole Straight Edge philosophy (for those of you who don't know what straight edge, or sXe is, its a philosophy where drugs and alcohol are prohibited). Althought their career was a short-lived 2 years, Minor Threat sure did a hell lot with their fame. After the disbanding of Minor Threat, Ian MacKaye formed Fugazi (a military term for "we're f*cked") with another great lyricist/singer/guitarist Guy Piccioto. (Above L-R: Brian Baker-bass, Lyle Preslar-guitar, Ian MacKaye-vocals, Jeff Nelson-drums)

Rage Against the Machine

Rage isn't really punk at all, and yes, they are mainstream and a little trendy, unfortunately. But deep inside, Rage is one of the most political bands I know of. Touring with bands like Anti-Flag, Rage uses their fame in one of the most productive ways: to stop as much bullshit around the world as possible. Vocalist Zack de la Rocha and guitarist Tom Morello both have a political background: Tom's uncle was the first Kenyan president and his father was a key part in the Kenyan Mau Mau uprsing against the UK, and De la Rocha's father is a political artist/activist in the L.A. region. Rage may be sell-outs, but they're one hell of a great band. (Above L-R: Tim C.-bass, Brad Wilk-drums, Tom Morello-guitar, Zack de la Rocha-vocals)