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Less Than Jake, Mustard Plug, MU330

More killer ska bands...

Less Than Jake

Another killer ska band. They got some awesome albums like "Pez-core" and "Hello Rockview", this Pez-loving west coast band has been at it for years. the band got its name when Chris (guitar, vocals) was neglected as a child and his dog Jake got more attention than him, LESS attention THAN JAKE. ha got it?

Mustard Plug

This band has been kickin it since 91' and has out like 4 albums including Big Daddy Multitude, Evil Doers Beware, and Pray for Mojo (all on Hopeless Records). Their sound is pretty damn snazzy, so check 'em out.


Alright it's a zero, not a god damn "o" for all those dorks out there. This ska band sounds kinda like Mustard Plug, but is great all the same. Some releases include "Chumps pm Parade," "Press," and self titled. They're from St. Louis, Missouri and rok fucken hard Here's a pic of Mustard Plug and MU330 together.