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2 Much Punk

Yes, even more bands...

The Adolescents

The Adolescents were great while they lasted. They were from California and were a big icon in pop-punk history. They were nothing more than teens when they got picked up, so a lot of their songs were about teen angst, pretty much a first in punk so far at the time. Their 1st (and my favorite) album was self-titled and included a killer song called "Amoeba" (also on the SLC Punk! soundtrack) about the underground punk youth of America. (Members listed above)

The Exploited

Pioneers in punk rock. The Exploited rocked. Their most inspirable album, "Punk's Not Dead," was kind of a way of telling the real punks (as opposed to the trendy posers who did it for fashion) that punk isn't dead just because times have changed along with the styles. With multiple albums out, The Exploited defintelly deserve a place on my page. (Above: vocalist Wattie Buchan)

Green Day

This band was pretty d*mn good. They were on Lookout Records (Operation Ivy, The Queers) for a while releasing albums "Smoothed Out Happy Hours," and "Kerplunk!" Billie Joe Armstrong (vocals, guitar) co-wrote the infamous Rancid song, "Radio." Now they've gone pretty mainstream, but their punk roots will remain in our hearts...whatever that means. (Above: In the G-Billie Joe Armstrong (no relation to friend Tim Armstrong). In the D L-R: Billie Joe, former drummer John, bassist Mike Dirnt)