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I Think I Have Too Many Pics

Sorry about the delay on these bands, they're just as great as the others, and its pretty much become my life putting up punk pics, and im runnin low, so I think my drummers gonna have to teach my how to put up sounds, and that'll give me more stuff to get carried away with. Punk out.


NOFX are a great, odd, band that stays with it and have great sound. And is it just me, or does the band have a fascination with food? Anyway, with plenty of good albums such as "Punk in Drublic", "Heavy Petting Zoo", and "So Long, and Thanks for All the Shoes", NOFX has participated in all 4 of Epitaph's Punk-o-Ramas. This band has a great combination of pop-punk, hardcore punk, and humor. (At top L-R: El Hefe, Fat Mike, Eric Melvin, Erik Sandin)

Bad Religion

Bad Religion is a milestone is punk rock history. I love Greg Gaffin's voice, its so much diferent from everyone else's. These guys are still together and put out they're most recent album in 1998. I don't know if they are making any plans to do another, but I'm kinda retarded, so don't reffer to me about Bad Religion news, go to their page (visit my link page). Guitarist Brett Gurewitz is the founder of Hellcat Records, along with Rancid frontman, Tim Armstrong. Bad Religion is a truely great band. (At top, L-R: [this may be wrong] Greg Hetson, Jay Bentley, Greg Gaffin, Mr. Brett Gurewitz, Bobby schayer)

The Dropkick Murphys

I already talked about these guys, but here is a picture of the Murphys at the Warped Tour that my drummer Jon scored for me. This pic is newer and shows the newer vocalist, Al Barr, that replaced former vocalist Mike McColgan. (At top L-R: Al Barr, Rick Barton)