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Justin Sane

All about Anti-Flag's Justin Sane

Mr. Sane

Justin Sane is the lead vocalist/lead guitarist for Anti-Flag, and he is very good at what he does. Sane writes 3/4 of all of A-F's lyrics, which have an extremely great amount of meaning to them. Whether its singing about: peace, anti-war, unity, posers, racism, childood memories, freedom, etc., Justin gets the job done. Those who say his voice is queer like a little kid's voice, they can f**k off. I've Personally met Justin, and he is one of the most influential, meanignful and nicest guys I have ever had the honor of meeting. This one's for you Justin.


A rad pic of Sane singin & playing

More Justin

Pic of justin jumpin @ Club Laga in Pittsburgh, PA: Anti-Flag's hometown