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My "punk" friends...

Heres a small bio for 3 of my mostest special guys (no, im not gay)

Joe Stakun

Joe Stakun is a crazy mofo. So crazy I dedicated part of my page to him. His mental thoughts are on the border line of sanity. If you don't believe me, read my guestbook (and sign it too while your at it). Some of Joe's signings have scared me shitless. He may not be the most punk man alive, but atleast he begged me to let him into my band as full time kazoo-ist. Sorry Joe, but no. Work on the voice and I'll think about it. Here he is on my bed, probably scheming some evil plan to overthrow the Salvation Army or some shit like that. Anyway, this one's for you Joe.

Tyler Alvare

Tyler Alvare-yes, another crazy smacka*s. This kid is funny as sh*t and partially responsible for getting me into punk. He, along with Joe, thinks he's a British Rapping Break-dancing Ninja...

Chris Deguida (On top)

Deguida is insane. Some people suspect others of being dropped as a baby-I suspect Deguida was shot in the head as a baby but survived somehow. Hes all into punk, mainly like Exploited, Anti-Flag (hell yeah!), Dropkick Murphys, Bouncing Souls, Rancid... a rad kid