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Yes, an ENTIRE page devoted to...ANTI-FLAG


Anti-Flag, started in Pittsburgh PA, has been around for quite a while. In fact, they have their own record label, A-F Records. Anti-Flag consists of four members: Justin Sane-lead vocals, guitar; Pat Thetic-drums; (Chris)#2-bass, b.v; Chris Head-guitar. Together these guys just released a new album titled "A New Kind of Army." I really like this band because they're all anti-violence and anti-war. The above pic is from one of their albums "Die for your Government," (Check out the full-length download of "Red, White and Brainwashed") so its a little dated. (Above, center L-R: Pat Thetic-drums; Andy Flag (former bassist/vocalist); Justin Sane-guitar, vocals [#2 not shown]. Above, right: Justin Sane)

More Anti-Flag

Heres a more recent picture of Anti Flag with their new bassist, Chris #2, and their other addition, Chris Head, as back-up vocals/guitar. (Above L-R: Chris Head, Juatin Sane, Pat Thetic, #2)

Your tax dollars at work...

This is just the image displayed behind the CD case on "A New Kind of Army." It just letting you know how your tax $ is being spent: in un-necessary wars. Here are pages on the individual current members of Anti-Flag:

Justin Sane
Pat Thetic
Chris Head
Chris #2