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[||Red Aunts Sounds||]

*All of these sounds are in Real Audio format, if you don't have Real Audio, get it here.

Sounds From "Drag"

"Lethal Lolita"

"Teach Me To Kill"

Sounds From "Bad Motherfucken 40 oz"

"Silver Moon Hotel"

"Batman A Go-Go"

"Terri Man"

"Die Baby"


Sounds from "#1 Chicken"


"Tin Foil Fish Bowl"


"Detroit Valentine"



"Roller Derby Queen"


"When Sugar Turns To Shit"

"Poker Party"

"Peppermint Patty"


"Number 1 Chicken"


Sounds From "Saltbox"


"I Can't Do Anything Right"


"All Red Inside"


"Palm Tree Swing"

"Goin' Downtown"

Sounds From "Ghetto Blaster"