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A cigarette, the moon and

all i need is you,

All night long, don't wanna

see the dawn

When you get high

time stops by

He takes a seat but you don't

ask him why

So you call a cab, one hundred dollar tab

Your gonna see your friends

and when you take that pill

You see the clock stand still

In the night, its alright

Pay the man, if you can

Hit that pipe, see the light

check your head, go to bed

"I Can't Do Anything Right"

I can't do anything right


Yeah! I'm gonna get you

just you fuckin wait

I'll have your pretty head

on a plate

Then we'll serve you up at

1/2 past eight

My eyes are crying and your eyes are smiling

and I'm gonna dance with laverders

In Spain

"All Red Inside"

When we drove around-'round town

I needed some-raw meat

If I had you now-right now

I"d love you like raw meat

All red inside

I feel like I don't feel right


Nasty mags and sweet tarts

Cheap beer and candy hearts

Brass horns and high heels

Cheap suits and fancy meals

Star light star bright

First star I see tonight

I wish I may, I wish I might

Have the wish I wish tonight

Walkin with your paper

Talkin to the ground

Guess you found jesus

Your lookin so proud

"Fake Modern"

Why can't I be like you?

It's sometimes in May

and my hearts feeling gray

and my hands are cold

and my eyes feel old

Talkin on the line so fine

"Handsome Devil"

I'll do anything so that nobody

will like me

and i don't care cuz i'll throw them

in a pit of snakes

Yeah, yeah, yeah

You handsome devil

You gotta x x baby on a saturday night

I got a dollar in my pocket

To make me feel alright

Cuz I don't care

"The Snake"

Do you wanna hang with the

Snake. man?

Do you wanna get down in the

dirt, yeah!

Wanna broken heart in your hands?

"Ruby (What I Won't)

Don't you know I got no soul

I'll lay you down cuz I'm not proud

I'll do you wrong

I'll break your heart

I'll cut you once, your gonna bleed twice

I've had my say now let's go play

Cuz it won't matter anyway

What we have

What we don't

What I want

What I won't

What you said

What I did


Five dollars is what I am

I don't know anything

Cuz i can't do anything

I don't want anything

I don't want to ask again

I don't like anything

I can't feel anything

I don't feel anything

Yeah, I'm thinkin hard

That I'm bored

Five dollars is what I am

I don't want anything

Cuz i can't do anything

I can't feel anything

"Palm Tree Swing"

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the lord my soul to keep,

and if I die a thousand times,

Well I don't care and I don't mind

"Bullet Train"

Take a ride on a train

Lose your mind on a train

Take a ride

"Goin Downtown"

My baby he left me my baby he's gone

and I'm standin her just singin this song

My baby he left me, it's so sad it's true

My baby he's gone and I'm goin too

My baby he's up in that house in the sky

Cuz i shot him dead with no tear in my eye

Now I'm goin to jail cuz

They found me to blame

My baby he's gone but I still

Feel his flame

He said I can't love you if you do me wrong

and that's why I'm here singin this song

My baby he wanted just me to keep warm

But I'm not the one who could do him no harm